• Kyla Davis

Great Documentaries to really get you Thinkin'...

Here is a list of documentaries about food, animals, agriculture, health, and culture. These will educate you, bother you, frustrate you, sadden you, and hopefully motivate and inspire you to make a change in the way to eat food, see animals, and trust "the system".

Many of these documentaries will have some controversial topics, disturbing images, unfathomable facts, and biases - and I do not necessarily endorse any one of them in particular. This is simply a list of documentaries I have come up with. I have had the opportunity to watch many of the ones listed below.. and I hope to get to all of them eventually. They are not listed in any particular order, but the few at the beginning of the list are ones that really stuck with me and that I definitely suggest you start with.

Many of these can be found on YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, or HBOGo... probably other sites too, but these are the ones I utilize. There are so many more that aren't on this list. If you find a good one and would like to see it added, please email me - to let me know!

- What the Health? - YouTube

- Cowspiracy - YouTube

- Forks Over Knives - Amazon Prime

- At the Fork - Amazon Prime

- PlantPure Nation - YouTube

- H.O.P.E - What You Eat Matters - YouTube

- Processed People - YouTube

- Food Matters - Amazon Prime

- Food, Inc.

- Food Choices - Amazon Prime

- Hungry for Change

- Vegucated - Amazon Prime

- Fed Up

- Food as Medicine - Amazon Prime

- The Future of Food

- Food on the Brain - YouTube


- Earthlings

- Planeat - Amazon Prime

- Death on a Factory Farm

- The Weight of the Nation - HBOGo

- That Sugar Film - Amazon Prime

- Meet Your Meat

- Chow Down

- Sustainable

- The End of Meat

- Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

- Foods that Cure Disease - Amazon Prime

- The Food Cure

- Farmageddon

- Eating You Alive

- Supersize Me - YouTube

- Unsupersize Me - Amazon Prime

- Agriculture - HBOGo

- Obesity & Type 2 Diabetes - HBOGo

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