• Kyla Davis

SOY What!?

There are many different negative beliefs about soy that I've heard in my time as a plant-based eater.

1. "Soy will give your son boobs!"

2. "Soy will make you infertile!"

3. "Soy will mess with your menstrual cycle!"

4. "Soy will give you cancer!"

5. "Soy will lower your husband's testosterone!"

6. "You shouldn't eat too much soy!"

And there is only one thing I would agree with - you SHOULDN'T eat too much soy! In fact, you shouldn't eat too much of anything! Everything in moderation, right!?

So, to help debunk the myth of soy's effect on your fertility, your son's chest, your thyroid, or even your risk of developing cancer - I'd like to share this well-written article from the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine:

Soy and Your Health

And here's another great article about the nutritional benefits of soy, from the American Institute for Cancer Research:

AICR's Foods that Fight Cancer: Soy

Soy products like tofu, edamame, tempeh, and soymilk are great sources of plant-based proteins. There are so many ways to prepare tofu to make it delicious. Make sure to check out my Pinterest board to see some great examples of how to turn plain tofu into a delectable dish!

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