• Kyla Davis

World Vegan Day - November 1st!

The first day of November is celebrated around the world as World Vegan Day. This day is celebrated in many ways - potlucks, animal sanctuary visits, tree plantings, inspiring people to eat less animal products, educating one another, and so many more!

This year on November 1st I want to challenge everyone reading this to eat vegan for just one day! Yes, a ONE DAY VEGAN CHALLENGE!

You might be thinking: "this is too hard", or "this is crazy", or "this is impossible!" But I assure you, it won't be! It will take minimal effort, yes. You'll have to purchase some new foods like non-dairy milk, nutritional yeast (delicious cheesy taste), tofu or tempeh, some whole grains, legumes, and lot's of vegetables... But I can assure you [as long as you eat fruits and vegetables instead of just vegan junk food] you will feel great!

There are so many things you already eat that are vegan and you just don't think about it! For example: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, spaghetti with marinara sauce, sourdough toast, many cereals (with non-dairy milk), chips and salsa, gelato, Oreos, ALL FRUITS AND VEGETABLES, and so many more things that I just can't think of right now.

But this challenge isn't meant for you to learn how to just get by as a vegan for one day - this challenge is to inspire you to THRIVE as a vegan for one day! Challenge yourself to eat healthy, to find replacements for meat and cheese, or better yet - just make a nice meal with some whole foods that doesn't need meat or cheese!

Try a simple stir-fry, any variety of taco (there are so many options for putting vegetables and other proteins in a tortilla), try a nice veggie chili or stew, or even make some vegan mac and cheese. The options are limitless and once you start looking into all the possibilities I bet you won't want to stop!!

So mark your calendars and check out my Plant-Based Lifestyle Pinterest Board for so many delicious recipes. You might do this whole "World Vegan Day" thing, and want to make it a Vegan Month - and I bet nobody would be disappointed!

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